University of California San Diego
Gallery Space

Choreographer: Melissa Cisneros
Scenic and Video Designer: Elizabeth Barrett
Lighting and Video Designer: Harrison Foster
Sound Designer: Christopher Apple

Date: March 2022

A study of meditation in a man made filtration system that connects the United States and Mexico. San Diego and Tijuana are one region with a wall the cuts through the middle. Water is a natural border while the walls have divided the area further.
Spring and Summer of 2021 we were in the research phase, which involved going weekly to the Estuary and having one member of the creative team lead a meditation around their area of focus. Mine included sitting or laying on the grass for the amount of time it took particles from the sun to reach us (8 minutes and 20 seconds).

In March of 2022 we were able to present our experience and research as a part of Melissa's thesis presentation.
The video directly below is a part of what was presented.
Site Visits
First Visit to the Estuary 2/27/21
A study of First Impressions
Second Visit to the Estuary 3/10/21
A study of Landscape

Third Visit to the Estuary 3/18/21
A study of Lines and Borders

Fourth Visit to the Estuary 4/9/21
A study of How Light Travels

Fifth Visit to the Estuary 5/7/21
A study of Shape

Sixth Visit to the Estuary 5/14/21
A study of Change

The Gallery in March
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