Hello! I'm Harry (he/him).
Born in Johnstown and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I am currently living in Los Angeles after completing my Masters in Lighting Design from the University of California - San Diego.

Fueled by a deep love for the craft and a need for endless learning, my dream is to create new ways of vision and design through dance, theater, motion graphics, and art installations. 

"The planet just glows. Take a lightbulb — the brightest lightbulb that you could ever possibly imagine — and just paint it all the colors that you know Earth to be, and turn it on, and be blinded by it. Because day, night, sunrise, sunset, it is just glowing in all of those colors." 
-Nicole Stott, NASA Astronaut/First person to paint with watercolor in space

Photo by Elba Emicente
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